Facebook Messenger Ads: When and how to use them?

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With only two years old, Facebook Messenger is growing at highly staggering rate, it has reached 1.2 billion users per month and it has the lead of messaging services. Not considering Facebook Messenger Ads in your or clients business plans seems not to be the best idea.

Why your business needs Facebook Messenger Ads

Although some worries are raised about advertising on Facebook Messenger platform, some people are finding already good success using this type of Ads.
Facebook Messenger Ads can be used for different purposes at many levels. These are some examples of use cases
Raising Awareness By getting your business directly in front users you have a better chance for your Ad to be remembered.
Lead generation: Facebook Messenger Ads are great for generating leads and building email lists. By offering lead magnets directly in user’s inbox, expect to see high response rate and low cost per lead.
Offering discounts
Retargeting: You can retarget different prospect categories like video watchers and cart abandoners.
I insist on these are some examples only don’t limit yourself you, just be careful and don’t be too pushy messenger is not newsfeed.

How to create Facebook Messenger Ads

There are two types of Facebook messenger Ads: Messenger Destination Ads and Messenger Placement Ads also known as sponsored messages. A third type is in the phase test, it allows businesses to place ads on the Messenger home screen.

1. Messenger Destination Ads

This type allows you to create newsfeed Ads encouraging people to open a conversation in Messenger with your page. What I mean here is you create a very normal Ad just instead of sending people to a website you send them to messenger and user can read your prepared message.  The good thing about Messenger destination Ads is that target any audience with these Ads.

How to create Messenger Destination Ads

It is quite simple to create Facebook Messenger Destination Ads, you can do it either by choosing Local Awareness Objective or Traffic (Clicks to Website).
The Local Awareness Objective gives you the possibility to use the Message Now CTA button which will open the Messenger App on mobile. These are parameters you can configure when using the Local Awareness Objective.
Update: Facebook Local Awareness objective does not appear in my Ad accounts any more, I think that Facebook has take it away.
To create Messenger Destination Ads using the Traffic objective these are the steps to follow:
From the Guided Creation tool choose the Traffic Objective at the Campaign Level

At the Adset level, these are the parameters you can choose from

At the Ad level, first choose your Ad format

Under the Messenger destination you have the choice between message text and Structured Message (JSON) to send your prepared message when someone clicks your Ad.

Message Text: A simple conversation opening message, you can add description and links.

Structured Message (JSON): Choosing this option will give you the ability to create more complicated opening messages which can include images, videos, carousels, quick replies and CTA buttons. You can create structured messages (JSON) using quick graphic creation interface or the Json coding interface.
Quick Creation

JSON Creation

2. Messenger Placement Ads (Sponsored Messages)

Facebook Sponsored Messages use Messenger App as placement, they give you the ability to send messages to people who have messaged your page before, you can not target everyone in your audience. To be able to create Sponsored Message Ads you need first to create a custom audience of people who messaged your page before.

Create Sponsored Messages custom audience

Under the assets tab select audiences

Choose create custom audience

From this list, select page

Select the page. Then, in the include drop menu choose “ People who sent a message to your page”

Duration between 1 and 365 days
Give your audience a name, create it and give it some time to populate

NB: you need at least 20 individuals in order for your audience size to be created
Create Sponsored Messages Ads

In order to create Sponsored Messages Ads you need to choose Traffic or Conversions as your campaign objective, I’m choosing Traffic.
At the Adset level, start by editing placements to choose Messenger, this will turn off all the other placements.

Scroll up to choose the page and your created audience from Custom Audiences list, then choose the location if you want to target specific area, one country or more, if you don’t want so leave it blank or enter Worldwide.

In the Budget & Schedule section set your budget and bid. Facebook sponsored messages oblige you to bid manually for impressions –No less the 1 USD per 1000 impression-. Generally Facebook sponsored messages don’t need a big budget due to the small audience size. Your Sponsored Messages Ad will be optimized for impressions.

Then proceed to Ad settings, Single Image will be your only option for Facebook Sponsored Messages. Under page & links section choose your parameters.

My question to you is:
Did you use the Facebook Messenger Ads and how were the results?

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