How Facebook Automated Rules can help you with Facebook Ads

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Facebook Automated Rules

Facebook Marketing Partners is a community of companies known by their excellence on the Facebook platform. These companies offer sophisticated solutions, which in some cases can be better than native Facebook tools. The problem is when these companies come with brilliant idea, Facebook clones their success and offer it to for free to advertisers. This is exactly what happened with the Facebook Automated Rules

What are Facebook Automated Rules

Automated Rules are a major update from Facebook. They were available before to developers via API and now they are released for everyone via Power Editor and Ads Manager.
Facebook Automated rules give you the possibility to automate your Ads control by setting conditions. Whenever a condition is met an action or more will be triggered.
This update can provide a major help to marketers who have tens or hundreds running campaigns .
Examples: You can create rules that automatically
Turn off  lead generation campaign if the cost per lead exceeds one dollar.
Increase daily budget if you get good response and good cost per result.
Get an email about your Ad performance.
Increase your manual bid if your Ad is suffering from under delivery.
Set high manual bid at the Adset level to get more impressions and set automated rule to stop the campaign if your Ad exceeds the true value of desired action.

How to use Facebook Automated Rules?

You can create Facebook Automated Rules in Power Editor or Ads Manager or by clicking on this link .
Create Facebook Automated rule from Power Editor
The create rule pop menu appears
Create automated rule Menu

1. Apply Rule To

By creating an Automated Rule you can apply it at different levels. You can choose to apply it on one, multiple or all Campaigns, Adsets or Ads. If you want to apply your rule on some campaigns and not others select theme before you click on the create rule campaign.Apply Automated Rule to

2. Action

From this drop down menu you can choose which action you want to be triggered if your rule conditions are met
Actions Automated RulesYou have the choice between four actions
Turn off campaign, Adset or Ad: this will stop your Ads from delivering if the rule conditions are met. This action can be useful if your cost per result is too high too be profitable.
Send notification only: This action won’t affect your Ads, it will simply send you notification to tell you that rule’s conditions are met.
Adjust budget You can adjust budget if you choose to apply the rule on Adsets. Adjust Budget Facebook Ads You can increase or decrease daily and lifetime budgets. Facebook gives you the possibility to add an amount or a percentage of the budget. This can be useful in many cases.
Adjust manual bid
Same for this action, you can only adjust the bid if you choose to apply rule on Adsets and the bid is set to manual.Adjust Manual Bid Rule


In this drop down menu you can choose what condition you want to be met in order to trigger your chosen action.Choose Condition for Facebook You have many condition to choose from. After choosing condition you need to select a logical expression specifying the range in which your condition will be met Condition
You have four options :
Condition is greater than.
Condition is smaller than.
Condition is between.
Condition is not between.
Add the condition, you will observe that Facebook has added one condition automatically “impressions>800” which is recommended by to judge the campaign. Newer Ads have fluctuating results. You can remove it but it is better to keep it.

Remember You are not limited to one condition you can combine as many as you want

Time range is the number of days worth of data you’d like to apply the automated rule to.


For the time being you can not edit it. It is set by default to continuously which means that Facebook will run your rule as often as possible -until you turn it off- to check if the conditions are met.

5. Notification

Choose how do you want to be notified if the rule conditions are met. You will always be notified on Facebook, you can also choose to receive notifications in your inbox by checking Email.

6. Subscriber and Rule Name

Finally choose subscribers to the rule you can choose only people with access to the Ad account. Give your rule a name and create it! If you want to take a look on your rule  you can do so by clicking on the preview button.

After creating rules you can manage them in your Business Manager
Manage automated rules

Did you use the Automated Rule before and how much they were helpful for your Ads?

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